Saturday, January 31, 2015

#TucsonGemShow - Everything You Need to Know for a Fun and Profitable Gem Show!

#1:  Just like every shopping excursion - the number one thing is to know what you are looking for!    

This not only saves money but it will save you time also....and with sometimes only one weekend to shop this is important!  

#2:  Plan Ahead!

You already have your list but how can you plan ahead of actually being at the show?  The Tucson EZ-Guide listings are current months prior to the event so you can go to the Tucson Shows page and all of the shows are listed on the left.  You can actually find the shows and vendors you wish to see and make a plan - the items on your list will be done so quickly you will have time to explore and discover new products and vendors!!!
#3:  Bring paperwork....

I usually re-order my business cards just before the Gem Show and let me tell you I have still run out - so lots of Business Cards - several (at least a dozen) copies of your Business  License or ReSellers Papers - and letters with records of wholesale purchases from vendors to establish your buying pattern.  It doesn't hurt to have a sheet of Return Address labels with your Business Address that can be used for vendor invoices.

#4:  Keep Good Records From The Start!

My favorite Gem Show practice is to carry ziplock bags (the kind with the white stripe) - of course the size will depend on the quantities you intend to buy.  With each sale I add the dealer's business card - and on the stripe I write the pertinent information  ie. 3 pieces Square Cushion Cut Sphene 1.4 - 1.2 - 1.3 carats each from Prima Gems.  Makes listing your purchases into a database at home much easier!

#5:  Save yourself a little frustration!

Does the Show allow Roller Bags?
Are Children Allowed?
Are Baby Strollers Permitted?
Do they allow Pets?

Find out in advance!!!   If you go to the Tucson Shows page  you can click through to each show you plan to attend.  Check their websites for this info.

#6:  What are the Requirements to get into the Shows you are interested In?  This is VERY important!

#7:  Bring the right tools!

You should carry a millimeter gauge - a jewelers loupe - and a scale!

Do you have any favorite tips?   Let us know in the comments!
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