Thursday, February 20, 2014

#TucsonGemShow - JCK Tucson - Design Center

You would never have known that the JCK Tucson Show was in its FIRST year!  ...aside from the expected slow traffic on the opening day for AGTA GemFair Tucson - the show floor was very busy - especially the lower level!

There are several reasons for this but first and foremost it was the quality Brands represented...starting with the stunning Designers featured in the Design Center upstairs...just a few that caught my eye!

Erik Stewart Fine Jewelry

The fabulous award winning Arizona Designer Erik Stewart has definitely settled into a "style" all his own! 

Erik’s design concepts stem from the vivid imagery from his engagements with music, visual and performing arts (wife is a dancer), food, and travel. His strong affinity for geometry within nature, minimalistic elegance, and transforming complexity into simplicity are significant motifs in all of his jewelry. The ESJ brand is innovative, conceptual, and dynamic.

With the objective of challenging and expanding notions of jewelry design by the jewelry industry, retail market, and himself, Erik Stewart welcomes every publishing/educating opportunity. Areas of expertise that he can speak on include: jewelry design, design process, jewelry aesthetics, computer aided design (Matrix), gemology, and the relationship of architecture and jewelry.

“My concepts reflect my lifelong story. The elements are purposeful and intentional expressed as Art for the Body.” -Erik Stewart, G.G.

Vasant Designs - Acclaimed jewelry designer Vasant has been a citizen of the world her entire life, and yet, it wasn't until her decade long annual visits to India began that her inspirations blossomed in to a lifelong artistic quest for perfection. She soon found herself pouring through trays of precious and semi precious stones in search of perfect adornments for herself, her friends and her clientele.

She loves to see how women "know" exactly which stone and piece is right for them. Whether it is the depth of the color or complementary properties of the corresponding stone, she looks for the exact qualities inherent within the gem and its bearer. "Somehow, it's always the right fit! I get so much pleasure out of seeing my designs light up a beautiful woman and in turn to see how her natural beauty makes my creations even more stunning to the eye."

The always amazing ALISHAN!  Alishan Halebian is one of the most original artists creating and pursuing his own vision in jewelry. Being a self-taught goldsmith, his treatment of precious metals is masterly. Using sophisticated techniques, he creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing metallic beauty in a luxe look with textures set to thrill and inspire.

Alishan's Armenian heritage brings the philosophies of two world cultures, East and West together, which burst into creative expression of style in his distinctive collections. His discerning clientele are attracted to his designs for their notably individual characteristics and emotions, confronting line and form. for a sophisticated wearer; strong, accomplished, appreciates graceful beauty and elegance, a person with confidence, style and taste. 

GELLNER jewelry is an alliance between the creative power of nature and the formative power of design. Close cooperation with internationally renowned jewelry designers, together with ideas from our own goldsmith studio, are what give the Spirit of Pearls its uniqueness.

The gem laden work of Laura Gibson - Laura Gibson is inspired by color. It is the language she uses to create her beautiful pieces. Vibrant, joyful color juxtapositions are her forte. Her pieces speak an elegance that is unique; texture and subtleties of color are combined together in true artistry. Her work is worn by the young and old alike. She is the 2006 winner of the Retailers Award for Color; and a 2007 winner of the "Designers of the 21st Century" award, by JQ magazine. Today, Laura Gibson creations are carried by galleries and fine jewelers across the country. Each necklace bears an "LG" signature clasp, as a guarantee of authenticity.

California Designer David Heston's Heston Designs - His original works are a daring mix of sterling silver, 18k gold, rubber, diamonds, and colored stones. A former sculpture Heston shares, “Jewelry has endless possibilities of shapes and forms, like sculpture. I’m seduced by the medium.” 

Holding a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and a Graduate Gemology Degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Heston’s designs continue to redefine cutting edge style. “I attempt to strike the perfect balance between bold and sculptural.”

"I gather inspiration from all works of art both classical and modern, but my style is truly my own. I hope I will be able to evolve and surprise for the next 50 years." With lifestyle in mind David’s jewelry is meant to be worn all the time, transitioning from casual to formal wear with ease.  Both men and women’s fashion continues to evolve, I hope to be ahead of that curve. His recently launched line of rubber, sterling and diamonds is indeed doing just that—

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