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Discover Precious Metal Clay - Jewelry Artist Carrie Story Offering Classes at #TucsonGemShow

When you have most major Designers and Makers in one place at one time you would be nuts not to check into classes and seminars.  Some of the most talented and brightest minds in the field will be teaching in Tucson during the Tucson Gem Shows...we will be highlighting some here!

Jewelry Artist Brings Metal Clay Excitement 
to Tucson Design Students

North Carolina Artisan, Carrie Story will be teaching Jewelry Design classes using Metal Clay at the JOGS Show and The Tucson Bead Show, February 3rd through February 10th, 2013.  

Fine silver metal clay, is a versatile, easy-to-use material that allows just about anyone to make their own beautiful, real silver jewelry in a matter of hours.

Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads and small sculptures. 

Originating in Japan in 1990, metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds. After drying, the clay can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln, with a handheld gas torch, or on a gas stove. The binder burns away, leaving the pure sintered metal.

Since its introduction to the US in late 1995, metal clay has found enthusiastic users among jewelers, polymer clay artists, bead makers, hobbyists and enamellists.

Throughout her career, Carrie 's design expertise has been apparent, today she is an  accomplished jewelry maker and highly sought after, enthusiastic instructor.

From an early age, Carrie exhibited an interest in the creative arts and garnered recognition in college, winning a state award in graphic design for four custom pieces showcased in area museums. In 2005, Carrie began creating beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings and soon after established her own business, Divine Ornaments.

Carrie quickly developed a passion for metal clay after taking several classes, which fueled her desire to share her vast knowledge with students. Known for her approachable and dynamic teaching style, Carrie maintains an enjoyable atmosphere where students feel free to express their own gifts and talents while encouraging individuals’ creativity, curiosity and appreciation for art; Carrie’s dedication to teaching is obvious to her students.

Carrie, gains creative inspiration from nature and the animals around her.  She currently serves as a Contributing Artist for Metal Clay Today and has had her work in Metal Clay Artist Magazine.  Carrie is a Certified PMC Instructor and holds membership with The Creative Center. Carrie is committed to her own professional development and continuously seeks out opportunities to improve her skills so that she can best serve her students.

Carrie will be offering a variety of classes in Tucson - from Beginners Metal Clay, Building Rings and Setting Cabochons to UV Resin.

For more information about classes, times and dates or to Register please visit Carrie's Website Divine Ornaments:

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