Sunday, July 15, 2012

Collector Day At The Westward Look Fine Mineral Show 2012

This is just Part One of my coverage of this show that has, due to the gorgeous minerals, fabulous exhibitors and collectors, captured my heart.  Collectors Day is a celebration and a fixed date on my Tucson Calendar because I meet up with a brilliant group of women.  We enjoy a delicious lunch on the patio overlooking the town of Tucson and we relax at the resort in the hills.

From the Fine Mineral Show Website:  Our Saturday event, known as Collector Day, is an all-day event (10AM - 4PM) where we invite a special guest to display their private mineral collection in the lobby of the Westward Look Resort. Our special guest is on hand throughout the event to answer any questions, meet anyone coming by our just chat the time away. This has become an extremely popular, must-stop visit for many people at the Tucson show to learn more about this wonderful hobby.

The Featured Collector in 2012 was Ron Gladnick and in a brilliant move the exhibit included original paintings and illustrations of mineral specimens from the Gladnick Private Collection by famous wildlife artist Gamini Ratnavira.

As the story goes, the day he was born, an owl flew into his room through an open window and perched on the side of his crib. An unusual event for any newborn, however a very prophetic event for Sri Lankan-born wildlife artist and nature conservationist Gamini Ratnavira.
While this may have been Gamini's first direct link with nature, it wasn't until five years later when, fighting loneliness after his parents' divorce, Gamini observed the one event that would forever tie him to his life's passion.

"It had just rained and I was outside feeling sorry for myself. I started to watch a raindrop roll off the edge of a leaf and I was fascinated by the colors and the movement of those colors in that tiny raindrop. Then it fell to the ground and was absorbed by the dirt to nourish the plants. It was at that exact moment that I realized how big, complex and all-encompassing nature really is. As I was thinking about all of this and how it all tied together, I realized that for the first time in months, I had completely stopped thinking about my family situation and was actually able to smile. That's the power of nature."

This is from a fabulous write up about Gamini on the Blue Cap Productions Website here - click through for the entire story:

Enjoy this too brief Photo Journal - for more photos check out the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show 2012 Album on the Tucson Gem Show Facebook page.  

(BTW - you do not have to have a Facebook account to view the photos)

The Gladnick Collection was displayed in two large cases with
Gamini's paintings flanking them.

As you can see from the reflection this is a crowded event with visitors clamoring to photograph to exhibit and for a photo op with the Featured Collector!

Since I never seem to get photos of the grounds for this show I am adding this great shot from Dave Waisman's 2009 Album on his Fine Mineral Show page on Facebook!

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