Thursday, February 9, 2012

1820 Oracle Wholesale Show - #TucsonGemShow

This is a fairly small show that packs a BIG punch!

With only 13 vendors you would think we could pop in and out of this show - so didn't happen!   We went in for a specific item and stayed the entire morning digging through specimen and rock boxes.  Check it out it is open through the weekend!

We went in for these great Moon Rock display boxes from Veronica Matthews Minerals - Margo loves them for Silent Auction items for her Gem & Mineral Club:

 1820 Oracle Mineral and Fossil Co-op

Had the BEST time chatting with Stuart and Mandy of Arcane Artifacts!

Can you believe the stunning carved Smoky Quartz!
This Chrysacolla was STUNNING and LARGE!

Veronica Matthews Minerals
AKA Howard Merk Minerals 
(he is at the AZ Min & Fossil Show at the Inn Suites)


The packaging on these is brilliant and 100% Howard's doing...
they are labeled with a Mineralogist's detail

Sweet Halite crystals appealed to the Cali Girl in me  ;-p

We picked up some really fun pieces from Red Metal Minerals and Ausrox also!!!
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