Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tucson - One Stop Shop!

Well it is getting to be that time again - I have had lots of questions about the 2010 Tucson Gem Show and NO time to answer them! So I am referring you to a great article - why you may ask have I chosen this particular one? Ms. Cohen covers the shows that I tend to stay away from - the bead shows:

Tucson Gem Show: The One-Stop Shop for Your Jewelry Business Supplies by Lorraine Yapps Cohen

This is a simplified guide to the Tucson Gem Show. You'll need a simplified guide, because the show is much more than a show. It's a dazzling, daunting, exciting event held for three weeks in early February in forty-plus venues around the city that will stun you with its size and exhaust both you and your wallet if you let it. Whether you're purchasing for your jewelry store or supplying your home-crafted designs or you just like jewelry (do you know a woman who doesn't?) the Gem Show is for you. Take a week for the show to cover it thoroughly or a day if your husband is with you. (And the next time, go with the girls.) ...
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