Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tucson Electric Park (TEP) – Learning Center – Feb. 9th

To get to TEP you first take a shuttle to the Tucson Expo Center – the home of J.O.G.S.! Part Retail and Part Wholesale this show has huge range – don’t be fooled by the HUGE amount of Amber at the door.
My favorite area at this show is the Brazilian Pavilion – the druzy is amazing! The really neat thing at this show is the Home Décor area...there is everything from Dinnerware, Vases, Lamp Bases to Conference Tables made of Fossil materials.
Time to catch the shuttle to TEP...

People always warn you that the TEP is the most “casual” setting at the show – I thought I would give you a visual! There are three major components of the TEP:

1. the Main Pavilion, the Lapidary equipment suppliers, Village Originals and Blake Brothers

2. small tents with everything from clothing to finished jewelry to wood products to 50 gallon barrels of rough!!!

3. the back edge of tents are huge mineral and rough dealers

Area one is on the blacktop however the rest of the show is in gravel!

Opening today was one of the most popular demos at the Learning Center...”Setting A Stone In A Stone” with Hans Durstling.
Hans has away of making things that seem complicated – look easy! Most people walk away from this presentation with the basic knowledge necessary to go home and give it a try!

The afternoon presentation was Wayne Emery on “Photographing Colored Gemstones”. Those of you who read the Orchid Digest are probably familiar with Wayne he is always willing to help with gem cutting or photography questions.
The good news is that he has a new website for his USB Cameras (you have to see these little guys they are amazing!). On that site he will be posting tutorials for photographing jewelry and gems that will be accessible to all!

You can find Wayne at:
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