Sunday, January 26, 2014

#TucsonGemShow - JCK Tucson Part 2 - A Glance At The Goods!

In Part One - we discussed JCK Tucson - "the new kid in the desert" and gave all the where, when and even how to get there.  In Part Two it is all about the "WHAT" - what will you see at JCK Tucson?  ...lets take a quick look at who is showing and some of the great products being presented...I am going to try to highlight one or two vendors within each of the show areas - there are many more Exhibitors than I have room for in this blog!

So lets take a walk on the showroom floor...if you are familiar with other JCK Events the setup will feel familiar.  There is a LUXURY area, a separate Design Center featuring some very elite up and coming brands and there are rooms that will hold either specific brands or themes...let's start with one of those rooms.

Peter Schmid for Atelier Zobel
in the San Pedro Room - a definite European flair:

       "The people who wear our jewellery stand out from the crowd, like a great smile."
- Peter Schmid

Attraction: Passion: Power - On the shores of Lake Constance, Peter Schmid and the renowned Atelier Zobel team explore and extend the Goldsmith's craft. Our vocation is to create truly distinctive pieces: jewelry for lovers, for friends, for families. We work for discerning individuals and collectors who value the beauty of the contemporary, yet think beyond the present.  

Each piece is unique in its composition of materials and forms. 
Meteorite, ancient ceramics, petrified pinecones; extraordinary gems carefully selected and artfully designed by world-class stone-setters; Sculptural gold and oxidized silver forms created by Peter Schmid. 
See more of Schmid's work in their online gallery

Gasia in Booth 69:

BA Gold in Booth 114:

EFFY Jewelry in Booth 212:

Supreme Jewelry Group in Booth 220:

The Supreme Jewelry Collection is a key resource for the finest jewelry retailers. Supreme's collections are impeccably crafted and comprised of an award-winning bridal line, pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all available in 18K, 14K white, yellow, colored golds, as well as platinum and blackened rhodium. Supreme Jewelry: Contemporary yet timeless.

DABAKAROV in Booth 304:

A family and a business. Two generations involved in the creation and production of beautifully designed and exquisitely made gold and precious stone jewelry.

Henri Daussi in Booth 313:

From rough diamonds to exceptional jewelry, Henri Daussi is proud to be known as one of Europe's premier diamond cutters and designers of fine jewelry. Cutting the world’s most brilliant diamonds and creating only the finest jewelry has forever been a Loots family tradition.

ARSLEV in Booth 502:

ARSLEV is a Californian based company established by Danish couple Katja & Kasper Markussen. ARSLEV sell & market Danish Designed Jewelry in North America! Check their website to see the range and artists they are currently showing...

Check back soon - in Part 3  we will check out the Designers and Artisans that made it into this year's Design Center at JCK Tucson.
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